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Growing Older

Growing up I often heard ‘older’ people make comments like:

“Every day is a blessing.”

“Every day above ground is a great, great day.”

“Enjoy being young, because it doesn’t last forever.”

And one of my favorites, “Just you wait…one day you won’t be so skinny.”

I think none of those truly sink in until a person reaches at least 50. Of course, ‘they’ say that 50 is the new 30. I kind of like that! As I get older, my body doesn’t like to work the way it used to. I get tired easier, and this last move proved to me I had muscles that hadn’t seen the light of day in some time.

I make a point to take good care of myself, eat right, and exercise, but no matter what I do, the clock keeps ticking. None of us can stop it, so why fight it? I wake up each morning thanking God for the new day, groan for a few seconds as I place my feet on the floor, then put a smile on my face and head for the coffee pot.

Yes, each day is a blessing and I’m using all my years of experience to write the best books I possibly can. I certainly relate better to ALL generations. It’s easier to understand every phase of life once you’ve reached it. In my mind, I’m only half-way through it. I figure I have lots more things to experience, and I’ll do my best to stay healthy so I can enjoy them. ¬†And though I’m not as skinny as I once was, that’s okay. I guess I’ll just use another one of those old sayings and quote, “There’s more of me to love.”

I once was a skinny teen!

I once was a skinny teen!

Older and wiser!

Older and wiser!

A Tribute to Dads

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I started thinking hard about my dad and the role he’s played in my life.

As an adult, I can look back at his life with a different eye than when I was a child. As a child, I knew I was special to him. He called me “Green Jeans” and to this day, the memory of his nickname makes me smile. From the time I was in the sixth grade until I graduated from high school, I had a bedroom in the basement of the house. We lived in northern Idaho at the time and my room was always very cold. He would frequently go to my room before it was time for me to go to bed, and lay on my bed to warm it. So by the time I went to bed, I was able to crawl beneath warm covers.

I was never aware of the difficulties he’d had to deal with. Sure I knew that there had been a bad thing that happened, but what child can fully understand a disaster that took away many of his friends and co-workers? In 1972, a fire took the lives of 91 men in the Sunshine silver mine in Kellogg, Idaho. My dad was a safety director at the mine at the time. He’d just returned to work there after several years away. Just writing about it wrenches my heart. I know that the memories still haunt him, but he’s devoted his life to training others in hopes that this will never happen again.

I’m fortunate that he’s still living. He’s 82, but I swear he doesn’t look a day over 60. We live far away from each other, but he’s in my heart every day of the year. He’s always been a bit troubled by the fact that I chose to pursue the creative arts instead of going to college. He’s the practical one in the family and wanted to be sure I could support myself. So, he wasn’t quite so enthusiastic when I wanted to move to Nashville to pursue music. Still, he helped me drive across the country in a U-Haul and didn’t complain.

Yes, Dad is practical, and smart as a whip. But bottom line, I believe more than anything, he wants me to be happy. Isn’t that what all parents really want for their children? Moms worry in different ways than dads. But I know dads worry, too.

I’ve read that more flowers are delivered on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. Dad’s usually don’t get flowers, (more like ties and after shave), but please be sure to give your dad a hug. That level-headed man needs it!

And if your dad has passed, cherish his memory. For those of you who are dads, don’t forget to hug your kids. And if you live in a cold house, maybe you can warm their beds for them. Most importantly, love them and teach them how to fly.


Me and Dad

Me and Dad

Good Health

I never thought I’d blog about ‘health’ but I want to put in my two cents on the subject.

First, I want to say right up front, that I’ve never really cared for exercise, and I have an incredible infatuation with sugar and bread. When I was younger I was blessed with a fantastic metabolism that allowed me to eat whatever I wanted and remain looking like a long stick. But when I reached my later years, all of that changed.

I’d been forewarned by many of my mother’s friends who would say, “Just wait ’til you’re older,” and I would laugh to myself thinking…’not me.’ Ah…how wrong I was! Now who’s laughing?

These days I have to think twice before indulging in my favorite chocolates or pastries. (Cream filled are the best!) But, I don’t deprive myself completely. As the saying goes, “everything in moderation.”

I have embraced my newly-found curves, but find that if I let my cravings get out of hand, I grow to an uncomfortable level. When I reach that point, I feel sluggish, and unproductive. Basically…unhealthy. I have little motivation, and want to sleep more than my usual 8 hours.

So now, I make a point to get on my elliptical for 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. I’m also lifting weights. I learned a routine from someone on TV, and since I don’t want to get up at 5:30 to exercise with her, I do it myself.

After I do my routine, I’m invigorated! It helps my writing, too. In fact, I’ve been keeping tabs on my writing time and word count. On the average I write 1,000 words/ hour. I spend my time on the elliptical plotting the next scene of my book. It makes the twenty minutes fly by!

This winter has been a bad one for illness, and as I posted before, I was sick for almost 5 weeks. I no longer desire to be as thin as a stick, but I want to be healthy. I want to live to a ripe old age so that I can see my grandchildren and even great-grandchildren grow up. I try my best to make healthy choices in selecting food, but still allow myself treats. And since my job requires me to sit and type, I make certain I get up and move, too!

So, here’s to health! If you have any helpful health secrets, please share them.


(And yes…that’s me in the red pantsuit. I loved it back then. Oh how times and fashion change!)

Those were the days...

Those were the days…