Embraced by Love


His Heart’s Long Journey, Book 2
By Jeanne Hardt
Release date: April 21, 2020

Genre: Historical Fiction
Length: 93,600 words
Heat level: Adult situations
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About the book:

Based on a true story . . .

Vern Harpole is grateful that Margaret Jordan has finally allowed her protective walls to come down and agree to marry him. Yet marriage itself brings on new complications that only genuine love can overcome.

They choose to remain in Kansas City, but a series of unexpected events turns their lives on edge, and they suddenly feel the need to flee. Knowing that Vern’s dream has always been to go West, Margaret eagerly agrees that the time has come to follow his calling.

The stars in their eyes are soon dimmed by the rugged road before them. Life in the West seemed exciting and glamorous by all accounts in the newspapers. However, they surely must’ve misread every word. They cross paths with some of the most vile, money-hungry people in existence; testing their courage, strength, and commitment at every turn.

Only their faith in God and love for each other keeps them moving forward. They embrace that deep love and hold onto hope for a promising future.