Murmurs in the Mountains


Smoky Mountain Secrets Saga, Book 3
By Jeanne Hardt
Release date: Oct. 28, 2017
Genre: Southern Historical Saga – 1866
Length: 86,800 words
Heat level: Some Intimacy
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About the book:

Lily Larsen’s life has taken more unexpected turns than she ever thought possible. Humiliated and scorned, she wants nothing more than to be back in the cove with her son. However, her folks will never allow her to return home after shaming the Larsen name.

With the unexpected help of some dear friends, she moves to Asheville, North Carolina to work as a nanny. Though the family’s four children work their way into her heart, they can’t replace the emptiness left by the absence of her own child.

Violet and Gideon Myers are happy newlyweds. When Gideon continues to struggle with physical limitations, Violet is determined to show him that he’s capable of almost anything. But when sickness comes to the cove and threatens those he loves, Gideon must face his biggest fears of all.

Caleb and Rebecca Henry have finally settled into their marriage. They’ve found joy and contentment in each other and their family, but unexpected visitors change everything.

Hushed secrets become louder, until everyone can hear the murmurs in the mountains.