Shrouded Thrones Series



Five kingdoms have been living in peace for over a hundred years. The kingdom of Padrida is unknown to the others, hidden in the middle of a forest that’s believed to be evil. If anyone dared enter Black Wood and should happen to come upon the realm, they’d find it unreachable. Sealed forever on the other side of an insurmountable gorge. Its only bridge is in disrepair, and even if the people of Padrida could cross, they’re forbidden from doing so. No one is allowed to leave.

Although Princess Olivia will one day rule Padrida, she wants nothing more than freedom. She believes wholeheartedly that the world can offer her more than simple existence.

Prince Sebastian leaves his home in Basilia, seeking adventure. Braving Black Wood, he stumbles upon the hidden kingdom. And when he and Olivia find a way to communicate, everything changes. Power-seeking individuals determine that self-gain far exceeds the comfort of peace. No realm is left untouched.

Five-book series, beginning with book one, “Island in the Forest.”