Forgotten 850


River Romance, Book 3
By Jeanne Hardt
Release date: June 2015
Genre: Southern Historical Romance — 1864
Length: 108,000 words
Heat level: Some Intimacy
Buy Links: (e-book & paperback)

About the book:

Rumor has it, the war is about to end. But that doesn’t stop Billy Denton from running away to enlist. He’s lived a privileged life on the Wellesley estate, where slavery is seen as a necessary means to operate their textile production. Believing no human should be enslaved by another, he’s willing to fight—and even die—to change the future of the woman who holds his heart.

Living and working at the estate is all Angel knows. When Billy tells her he’s joining the Union army, she begs him to stay, fearing she’ll lose her best friend … the only man she’s ever loved. She’d rather remain a slave, than have him harmed in any way.

Angel attains freedom, but time passes and there’s no sign of Billy. In her heart, she believes he’ll come home to her. Their love may be forbidden, but can never be forgotten.

Holding on to hope … Angel waits.



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