His Heart’s Long Journey

“His Heart’s Long Journey” is based on the true story of Vern Harpole.

As a young boy, Vern is abandoned by his mother and left on the front porch of a bakery. The kind baker and his wife take Vern in and raise him. Although Vern feels loved, something is missing in his life. He needs answers to his questionable past, and something unexplainable is driving him West to find them.

When he meets Margaret Jordan, his life takes another turn. She’s an Irish immigrant with her own troubled past, and at first, she pushes him away. Vern cares enough to want to help her, and he’s determined to break down her walls.

This series will take you on Vern’s long journey. He’ll follow his heart, and you’ll be surprised to find where it leads him.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MWLHZ78