Island in the Forest


Shrouded Thrones, Book 1
By Jeanne Hardt
Release date: March 17, 2018
Genre: Light Medieval Fantasy
Length: 110,000 words
Heat level: Some Intimacy
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About the book:

Olivia has lived her entire life behind the walls of Padrida, a kingdom unknown to the rest of the world. As the king and queen’s only heir, she is destined to rule. Though given all that she needs, she wants only one thing.


Boredom plagues Prince Sebastian of Basilia. The realms have been at peace for more than a century, and he has little to occupy his time. He journeys to Black Wood, seeking adventure. The dense forest has a dark reputation, and Sebastian intends to uncover the truth of the many horrific tales that have troubled him since childhood.

He finds something else entirely.