Promise to Be True


Smoky Mountain Promises, Book 3
By Jeanne Hardt
Release date: December 16, 2021

Genre: Historical Fiction
Length: 100,400 words
Heat level: Adult situations
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About the book:

After thirteen long years, Violet Myers should be done mourning her late husband, Gideon. Yet, she can’t let him go, and the grief is slowly killing her.

A family inheritance affords her the opportunity to move from the mountains of Tennessee to the city of St. Louis, Missouri, with hopes of leaving the past behind. Unfortunately, vivid images of her husband’s brutal death can’t be shaken, regardless of geography. She now lives in a lavish estate with servants and the means to have whatever her heart desires. But all the wealth in the world won’t raise Gideon from the dead, and he’s all she truly wants.

With her children nearly grown, she believes she has no purpose in life and is ready to die.

Dr. Zachary Danforth has sworn an oath to preserve life. When he’s asked to tend Violet, it’s not just that oath, but years of guilt over the way he treated her sister, that compel him to help. He quickly realizes the bitter and hateful woman is more of a handful than he’s ever faced before. But he does all he can to overlook her rudeness, having first-hand experience in battling his own demons.

Both Violet and Zachary struggle with the promise to be true to a love that’s been taken from them, allowing that loss to keep them from fully embracing life the way God intended. Fortunately, they still have compassion and faith. Once they’re able to see beyond their own pain, they find a way to move forward.