About The Author

Jeanne Hardt always had a passion for the creative arts. She believed that one day she’d be a singer with songs on the radio, touring from state to state–or perhaps even country to country–performing songs she’d written. However, her life didn’t follow that path.

In November of 2010, she had a dream in which she was instructed by a college professor to write a romance novel based in a time of civil unrest. In that dream, she was excited about the project, went home from school, and immediately began writing her novel. The story took place in Mobile, Alabama after the end of the Civil War. When she woke, she remembered everything: the characters, the plot, etc.  After pestering her coworkers with the details of her dream, they encouraged her to write it down.

She wrote with a manic passion that eventually put three full novels on paper, each one having more than 190,000 words! And…she finished all three in less than a year’s time.

Since then, she has honed her skill. She dug deep into the craft and grasped onto everything she could learn about writing.

In June of 2014, her debut novel, “Marked,” was published. Since that time, she has published over thirty books.

She currently lives with her husband in Tennessee, along with her spunky, Chihuahua-mix, Jax.