Southern Secrets Saga, Book 4
By Jeanne Hardt
Release date: April 16, 2016
Genre: Southern Historical Saga – 1874
Length: 112,000 words
Heat level: Some Descriptive Intimacy
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About the book:

Victoria’s determined to get what she wants, one way or another. Yet, when she finds herself pregnant, her triumph and courage are suddenly tainted with fear. She flees to her family in Alabama for the holidays, but eventually must return to her husband in Bridgeport, where John’s retaliation changes her life forever.

In Mobile, Beth struggles with her own pregnancy. Despite her protest, George seeks the help of Dr. Andrew Fletcher. Andrew readily assists her, hoping his aid might lead to reconciliation between Claire and Beth.

As for the rest of the Montgomery family, Melissa’s attraction to Henry Alexander becomes the least of their worries. A tragic accident brings them to their knees and makes them realize what’s truly important. They, too, seek the help of the kind doctor. But some wounds can never be healed.

Incivilities abound. Unveiled secrets lead to hate and revenge. And in the heat of the moment, someone pays the ultimate price for their deceit.