Smoky Mountain Series

In the 1860s, the War Between the States was raging. North and South fought hard against each other, spilling blood across the lands. Sometimes, brother against brother.

The small farming community of Cades Cove, Tennessee, lay nestled in the midst of the Smoky Mountains. Because of its remote, hidden location, soldiers from both sides ventured to the cove seeking refuge, supplies, and sometimes, escape.

Follow the lives of the Larsen family, as they face troubling challenges. They pray that life in the cove will someday return to what it once was, but until the war ends, they struggle, simply for survival.


Follow the second generation of your beloved Cades Cove families in the Smoky Mountain Promises series!

The war is long over, but not forgotten. This new generation has learned to move on with life and love, appreciating their freedom and the opportunities it affords them.