Reclaimed by Love


His Heart’s Long Journey, Book 3
By Jeanne Hardt
Release date: November 2, 2020

Genre: Historical Fiction
Length: 118,100 words
Heat level: Adult situations
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About the book:

Based on a true story . . .

Now that Vern and Margaret Harpole have experienced some of the challenges life in the West has to offer, they hold onto hope that their new destination will fulfill the dreams they’ve held on to for so long. Yet, as business begins to grow, so does an emptiness they can’t ignore.

No amount of success can overcome the many unanswered questions from their troubled pasts, and they realize they’ll never be fully content until they can lay them to rest. However, the only solution to finding peace is to part ways.

Faith keeps their hearts bound to each other, assuring them they’ll eventually be reunited. They trust in their unending love to reclaim their life together, as God intended them to be.