Promise to Choose


Smoky Mountain Promises, Book 4
By Jeanne Hardt
Release date: April 20, 2022

Genre: Historical Fiction
Length: 94,000 words
Heat level: Adult situations
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(available in e-book and paperback!)

About the book:

Cousins Haywood Myers and Abraham Henry have loved the same girl for as long as they can remember. Their affections for her have caused constant friction between the boys—each believing they’ve captured her attention and she’s rightfully theirs. Tension has mounted to such a degree that they’ve even resorted to fistfights.

Rachel Cummings is a rare gem in Cades Cove. She’s the pretty miller’s daughter, with an irresistible sweet demeanor. However, her kind mannerisms have gotten her into a bind. She’s struggling to determine which of the boys truly holds her heart. She cares for both in different ways and doesn’t want to hurt either.

In St. Louis, cousins Holly Myers and Poppy Henry have a similar problem. They both have their eyes and hopes set on a prominent actor in the city, and he’s taken a genuine interest in them. While they don’t have their brothers’ inclination for physical altercations, the stress of the situation is straining their longtime friendship.

As a renowned performer, Kenneth James has traveled from city to city, enthralling crowds with his gifted recitations and theatrical skills. He’s used to female attention, but something about these two redheaded cousins has captivated him. They’re different from other women he’s known, and his heart is leading him to love. But which one?

Both Rachel and Kenneth have made a promise to choose, but in doing so, they’ll likely create rifts in the families that won’t easily be mended.

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