Show, Don’t Tell

“Show your story, don’t tell it.”

Okay…this one really stumped me. I thought that as a writer I was supposed to tell my story! And then, over and over again at MCRW meetings and retreats, I kept hearing, “Are you showing, or are you telling?”

I think I finally “get it.” Simply put, it’s the difference between writing: “John was angry, and yelled, ‘I hate you.'” AND “John’s hands gripped the rail, tighter and tighter as his knuckles became white. His rapid breathing caused him to spit out the words, ‘I hate you!'”

It’s not some of my best writing, but I wanted to make a simple illustration. I’m sure you can see the difference.

No, I don’t yet consider myself an expert, but I hope that sharing my writing journey with you will help you on your journey too. Don’t get discouraged. You will be your best, worst enemy. Self-doubt can kill your inspiration, so always remind yourself that whatever you put on paper is better than nothing at all. Keep at it, and “show” your stuff!!

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