Know your History

When I was in High School I received a History award at the end of my senior year. I loved history, and still do.

I was blessed to have a teacher who spoke about history with  passion and made it interesting.  He didn’t focus on dates, (which I hate to admit has caused me a few problems along the way!), but he focused on events. Yes, the dates are important, but more than that, the facts of the event are the most important.

In my previous post I talked about research, and talking to people who specialize in the subject matter that you’re writing about. On top of that, it’s important to research even the smallest detail. Don’t ever assume that something existed in the past that we have today.

Yes, you may know that there were no cars, microwave ovens, or cell phones in the 1800’s, but did they have toothbrushes?

Ireland-31 The simplest things can make the biggest difference. One tiny detail may pop out and make a reader stop reading, or an editor roll their eyes and wonder if you really researched your material.

And, if history isn’t your thing, and you don’t like research, then try creating a whole new world!  You can do anything you choose when you’re making up something new.

Best advice…write what moves you. For me, it’s history, and falling in love.  A great combination!

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