And where have I been?

The best made plans…

Last week, I told myself that I needed to be more faithful with my blogging. I jotted down a few notes of things I wanted to discuss, and then…

My husband had a heart attack on Friday night. Believe me, it’s something I hope to never have to go through again. He had open heart surgery seven years ago, but that was prompted by a bad EKG at a regular check-up, not a heart attack. I wouldn’t wish either of these scenarios on anyone, but believe me, the experience I had Friday night was terrifying. Luckily, we live only 15 minutes from a hospital, and I was able to get him there quickly. I opted to drive him myself, feeling I could get him there quicker than waiting for an ambulance. Maybe not a wise idea, but we live out in the country, and it seemed the smart thing to do at the time. Besides, he wasn’t completely convinced he was having a heart attack, but was hurting something fierce.

I’m happy to report that that he’s doing very well, thanks to the care of amazing doctors and nurses, and a successful emergency surgery.

This is one of those life experiences that I had witnessed on TV and movies, but having lived it now first-hand, I have a whole new perspective. My sister had a heart attack some time ago, and so guess who I turned to when I was in the ER, waiting, while they worked on my husband? Yes, my poor sister! I doubt she’ll ever forget the panic in my voice, or the little-to-no sense I was making in conversation. But, simply by hearing her voice, I was comforted. Thank you, Sis.

When he had his open heart surgery, I stayed by his side throughout his week’s stay at the hospital. At that time, I read “Harry Potter” while he slept. This hospital stay was only three days, (Yeah!), but I was glad I had my laptop. Rather than reading, I edited. I rested my mind by escaping to 1870-something, and caught myself up in the trials and tribulations of my fictitious family. At one point, I read to my husband, and promptly put him to sleep! He promised me that it wasn’t out of boredom. I believe him…

So now, you know where I’ve been! I still have my notes for the “writing” posts I intend to do, and will post them soon.  I pray that we’ll have smooth sailing for a while. Enough drama in our lives this past year to last a very LONG time.

Thanks for stopping by, and…


Me and my sister...Always  there for me, even way back then!

Me and my sister…Always there for me, even way back then!


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