The Wisdom of Elders

Write, write, write!

Write, write, write!

A lifetime of wisdom. How long do we have to live before we’re considered, wise? Hmmm….

I’d like to believe that my son, and even my grandson think I’m wise, and that I have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to share and hand down to them. Many things I don’t want them to know, but in many ways, my life is “an open book.”

Though I doubt my life’s story would make an interesting novel, I have done some things that are worthy of writing about. And, there are those things that I wish I could erase from my memory. Mistakes I’ve made that seem to haunt me. But even those “haunts” bring out feelings and story material. Sometimes the most terrible things in our lives are the best material for stories. I remember hearing once that mistakes make a book interesting.  Who wants to read a book about someone who always does the right, predictable thing? Not much adventure there!

I’ve found that when I write events into my stories that deal with issues I’ve struggled with, the writing helps me heal.

I have a character in one of my books who is a horrible, womanizing jerk. (And that’s putting it nicely) I have a friend who “Beta reads” my books, and she told me that he reminded her of her ex. It made her extremely happy when I used a phrase in one of his conversations, that she told me her ex frequently used. I think in some ways, I helped her to heal!  Or, at least I gave her a good laugh.

So, I challenge you to dig up those difficult memories, and write! Consider it therapy!


2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Elders

  1. Yes, I would say your grandson does consider you to be wise! And his mom is thankful that you are helping her teach him how to navigate the storms of his little life.

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