Great Intentions

Last month, I made up my mind that I would post at least two blogs a week!  And then…I had a little accident and nearly lost the end of a finger on my right hand. I am now finally able to type with both hands again, even though that finger has little-to-no sensation.  Thank goodness for muscle memory!!

When I became a writer, I told friends that what I love about writing is that I don’t have to dress up to do it, and unlike being a singer, it doesn’t matter whether or not I can use my voice. And…if I injure a leg and can’t walk, I can still write!  I never dreamed that I would hurt my hand in a silly accident. I guess that it goes to prove that we should never take anything for granted and be grateful every day for even the little things that bless our lives.

Good health is a biggie!!  And getting enough rest so that you don’t make silly mistakes is also important. In case you’re curious, I stuck my hand into the spring mechanism of a reclining sofa. Yes…big OUCH!  Eight stitches later…and a great amount of pain, I’m on the mend.

The best thing of all is that in the time I couldn’t write, I was writing in my head, and once I could “hunt & peck” with my right hand, I started getting all those thoughts on paper.  I’m working hard on the sequel to “Marked” and am very excited about the progress I’m making.

The new book is entitled, “Forgotten” and takes place at the end of the Civil War.

Now that I can type again, I plan to blog more!!  See you again soon…



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